What A Way To Go

You can only go out like this if you died in the 70's . . . and very low budget.

Last Resort

Running from an attacking bear is always a last resort, unless accompanied by a slower friend.


Sighting #1

Look very close. A rare sighting. I was excited, then a little disappointed. Either it's a female or a freak.


Bruce Lee Joke

My directing debut: A Bruce Lee Joke Between Friends. Starring the Dalai Lama and General William Tecumseh Sherman. It's a low-budget indie, but a goodie.


In My Head #5

When people block the intersection through the whole green light, this is what's going on in my head.


Baseball Days

Me, back in the Show. My Braves card - and rockin' a beard that would make General Longstreet green with envy.


In My Head #4

Let's just say this is what's going on in my head upon an emergency stop at the gas station - when I find that the restroom door is locked.


Me & O

Even though I disagree with the POTUS on most things, I'm not a hater. He just won't trade any of his fantasy football players.

Taking The Field

Leading the boys out of the tunnel and onto the field. Down on the plains; Jordan Hare Stadium. We gave 'em one heckuva beating that day: 42-14.


This Guy . . .

Admit it, this guy could have made it a lot more interesting.

In My Head #3

It's Friday afternoon. This is what's going on in my head.

Rare Moments In History #1

I never knew Honest Abe was a lefty . . . Just goes to show ya.

The Original "Crossing the Delaware"

This one is way less serious, and way more fun.

In My Head #2

Sometimes, when it looks like I'm being a really good listener, I'm really doing this in my head . . .

Oil Painting With Sasquatch

I still can't believe he agreed to sit for this.


Beware, especially around Easter-time. This is the Easter Bunny's Arch-Nemesis. I don't know what it's called . . .

In My Head #1

When I have a blank stare, and someone asks me "What are you thinking?", this is what's going on in my head.


Me, hunting lions. It wasn't much of a challenge on this day, so we just got a pic together.